Cerebral aneurysms :  Myth and Facts

Cerebral aneurysms : Myth and Facts

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It came as shocking news when the Finance Minister of Singapore, Mr. Heng Swee Kiat, collapsed during Cabinet meeting last month. He was diagnosed with a hemorrhagic stroke due to an aneurysm. This article lists some myths and facts of cerebral aneurysms of which pharmacists need to know as a healthcare professional.
4 Aug 2016 - General
There are several types of aneurysms. The most well-documented are berry aneurysms. However, congenital aneurysms also exist. They are particularly more common among those with collagen disorders such as Marfan's syndrome etc. There is a possibility that the true incidence of congenital aneurysms may be higher than what current statistics claim. For one, imaging of cerebral vasculature in utero and at birth iare not being routinely done because it is impractical and has limited clinical util...
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Having a cerebral aneurysm is like having a time bomb in your head. The only difference is that a time bomb usually has a countdown timer, but an aneurysm in one's head can go off anytime without any warning whatsoever. I have met an elderly lady in her 60 who is diagnosed to have a middle cerebral artery aneurysm. The diagnosis was made when she was investigated for a transient ischemic attack with a CT scan of the brain. She was offered surgery but was told that the risk of complications w...
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The sudden rupture of cerebral aneurysm will usually leak to a major haemorrhagic stroke with high morbidity and mortality. If neuro-surgical intervention is performed in a timely fashion, patient may have the chance of survival, with high possibility of having residue neurological deficits, due to the damage done to the brain. A prolonged rehabilitation involving stroke care team, rehabilitation team, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist may be required for som...
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