Medical Case Study 4/8/16

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4 Aug 2016 - General


A young girl attened emergency department, due to gradual onset of general weakness, near fainting episode, while she was travelling in a bus, going into town from home. She has no prvious medical background, and not on any medications. She described the episode as gradual onset of muscle weakness on both upper and lower limbs, and she was also collapsed down in the bus, but there was someone to catch on her. There is no loss of consious and no head injury. Her vitals, inlcudes blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, pulse, and temperature were normal. Physical examination was normal, BMI slightly on the low side. Interesting, blood result show she got hypokalaemia, of serum potassium of aorund 2.5 meq/L. How do you manage her? What will be the likely underlung aetiology ? Any further questions or investigations needed??


Yes Jennifer Winter , you are correct.
Drug screen, electrolytes, and other blood tests were normal. The initial management was to give her intravenous potassium supplement, with a cardiac monitor (telemetry), together with oral potassium supplement (which will take some time to work). During the initial history, she denied any possibility of being having eating disorder. With her permission, collateral hist...
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