The Mind Never Forgets

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4 Aug 2016 - General

What did you doon your last birthday? with just a little thinking you can probably remember how you celebrated. Memories, which you are not consciously aware of but that can be recalled, are stored in the unconscious level of the mind. They can tapped when necessary. Now try to answer the following question. How did you celebrate each birthday for the last ten years? This question may be impossible for you to answer. Yet if you were hypnotized, you could relate every detail of every birthday you ever had.Events and feelings in life are never forgotten. They are stored deep within the unconscious mind records life in the slightest detail. It not only records the events and emotions of your life, it acts as the center for your attitude and conscience. These records form a bevior pattern, which is fixed in your unconscious mind. At a later time buried impressions are played back when certain events, often stressful ones, unlock the unconscious mind. People who have a sudden, close brush with death often report seeing their lives flash before them in seconds. Have you ever suddenly remembered a long-forgotten event? triggered this memory? the conscious mind not always allow those close instant replays into the level of awareness. If memories are painful, the conscious mind rejects them and tries to push into the unconscious level. The unconscious mind continues to resist. At certain times these unpleasant impressions try to get through to the conscious mind. This creates anxiety and conflict between different levels of the mind. On one side the unconscious wants to express the emotion, while on other side, the conscious mind wants to repress it. A mental struggle over past, painful memories is not the only cause of inner anxiety and conflict. When the outside situation or action clashes with your conscience, inner conflict also arises.