Pharmacists reveal: 5 smart ways to save money on medications

Pharmacists reveal: 5 smart ways to save money on medications

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Rising healthcare costs is a big concern in Singapore. With limited manpower, land and financial resources, Singapore faces a huge challenge of keeping prices of medications competitive yet affordable for the public. Thankfully, there are options you can advise patients on to minimize the costs of medications.
4 Aug 2016 - General
Kathleen Peralta For tablets vs capsules, it usually depends on the formulation and the inactive ingredients found along with the drug, although I could say that the time may vary from 30 minutes up to an hour or two. The capsule only needs its gelatin coating to be dissolved in the body fluids to release its contents, while the tablet needs to break up and disintegrate into powder before dissolving so it takes m...
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Eileen N, the situation in the Philippines is the same. A few years ago, it was known that the cost of medicine here is 600% more than cost of same drug in Indonesia. Leothel Elysse Mayores : I am having the same experience too. I am taking amlodipine for hypertension. Brand X, my preferred brand, has less edema and headache. Othe...
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Thank you Leothel Elysse Mayores for bringing up the question as I was going to ask the same about branded and generic medications. As Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan mentioned that capsules tend to work faster than tablets, could you please specify the onset of action between these two? How many minutes difference? or hours?
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Leothel Elysse Mayores There are some patients too who report that a certain brand works better than others. I'm not sure whether it's a placebo effect but there are many who do report being "hiyang" to certain brands, though it may be just the psychological effect of good marketing and brand image. Technically, medicines that have the same generic component should do the same job, however, ther...
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Again, a lot of people don’t realize that simply talking with your pharmacist can help you save money on your medications. I totally agree with promoting the use of generics. Many times, patients simply present the prescription that contains the brand suggested by their doctors. They don’t know that a generic counterpart works as well. Many are also surprised that they only need to talk with the pharmacist to ask if there is a less expensive version of the drug which they can buy to save money. ...
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Personally, I have never consulted a Pharmacist in the Philippines as a patient. Most people would just directly opt for generics or ask the pharmacist in the drugstore for cheaper alternatives. But, I have talked to a pharmacist friend and asked what is the difference between a branded medicine and a generic one? And I was surprised that he advocated the use of generics. He then proceeded to explain that there might be differences in packaging, in marketing, in the appearance, but after everyth...
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