Case Study 5/8/16

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5 Aug 2016 - General

Middle aged gentleman , background history of hypercholesterolemia, type 2 diabetes, increased body mass index, smoker with 20/day for last 30 years, was admitted to through casualty due to intermittent palpitation for the last 2 weeks, can be associated with chest tightness and shortness of breath at time. His pulse is irregular irregular. ECG on admissions showed that pattient has new onset atrial fibrillation, with the rate of 120, with satisfactory blood pressure. Serial cardiac enzymes were normal. ECHO showed atrial fibrillation , normal ejection fraction. All his blood tests were normal, apart from he has hyponatreamia. He was not on any medicastions that can contribute to his hyponatreamia. How would you manage the atrial fibrillation ? How would you deal with his hyponatreamia?