The health benefits of probiotics in clinical practice

The health benefits of probiotics in clinical practice

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Interest in probiotics is growing in Singapore and Malaysia, driven in part by new products emerging in the market. With probiotic use being at an all time high amongst consumers, researchers are eager to evaluate its efficacy claims. A party mix of products are available on the market with some having well-defined and properly evaluated clinical studies to support their use and others with unsubstantiated claims of efficacy.
5 Aug 2016 - General
Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea (AAD) can be fatal for patients and is a result of an imbalance in the colonic resident microflora as a result of antibiotic therapy. There are is this meta-analysis ( that proves that using probiotics is effective in preventing and treating AAD in children and adults under antibiotic therapy for a number reasons. It was especially successful in reducing C difficile-associated diarrhea in patients by 66%. Since i...
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The studies definitely prove probiotic use has high potential to have an integral place in therapy for certain diseases. My question is, how much of the probiotic is left before it reaches the gut? Eileen N , I certainly believe it has already come to the point where health professionals are recommending probiotics as a supplement. Pharmacists more often than not advise patients on antibiotics to purchase a probi...
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In clinical practice probiotics are already being used. Molecular tools are being used to manipulate lactic acid bacteria to produce vaccines and to develop and improved probiotic products. There is no clinical trial test if these application will safe . More testing analysis to determine its mechanisms of action. Various processing advances, such as microencapsulation and bacterial coating and addition of prebiotic compounds used as growth factors by probiotic organisms, will provide a means t...
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