Millennials are having less sex despite rise of dating apps

Millennials are having less sex despite rise of dating apps

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Dear parents of Millennials, you can stop worrying - chances of your children having sex are quite low. Despite the rise of dating apps, Millennials are becoming less sexually active due to a variety of factors.
5 Aug 2016 - General
Do not fret. This studies is done in the United States and not the rest of the world. My guess will be the young are marrying latter so naturally they are having less sex! They are marrying latter because they need to focus more on their education and early career. The widespread availability of pornography, high numbers of people living with their parents and concern about sexually transmitted infection could also be the reasons. Dating apps should not make a difference to the frequency of you...
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"this reminded me that not only is the generation having lesser sex, they are lazy as well." Haha. And yes, this reminded me of the Swedish concern on low sex records, Jennifer Winter. I think people are really more cautious now given that information is out there--and what's good is that they're paying attention. It's just like in the elections that we had--more people got involved. It was ...
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This is quite interesting. This information shouldn't be alarming, unlike what the Swedish think about their low sex rates and resulting to legalizing prostitution, but a good sign. This generation is more aware of the consequences of having casual sex. They are aware of STDs, how much it is to raise children and have found the importance of having a career first as a priority. It stated at the end: "It's good news for sexual and emotional health if teens are waiting until they are ...
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This is interesting. The article said MILLENNIALS are spending too much time online (perhaps on social media sites and Tinder), but they're too preoccupied with it, to make time for sex. LOL.

Anyway, I think awareness among younger individuals are high nowadays. People have more access to facts and people, in general, have become too ambitious to keep up with the fast-paced world. It's like marriage. It used to be that couples get hitched in their twenties, but it doesn't se...
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