Taking medicine while breastfeeding: Practical considerations

Taking medicine while breastfeeding: Practical considerations

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Just like during pregnancy, a breastfeeding mother may find herself in a complicated situation and often stuck in between especially when she gets diagnosed with an illness. This is as there is a fear that the medication could be transferred to the fetus or infant, causing harmful side effects. As such, prescribing for a lactating patient often involves multifactorial considerations because of the effect the medication might have on the breastfeeding infant.
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The best bet for lactating mothers would be to use compresses if pain is the issue. Cold compresses should be used for hyperacute pain (up to 48 to 72 hours from onset) and warm compresses should be used for acute pain (>72 hours). If this does not work, physical medicine can offer the use of TENS which acts via gate-control theory. This theory suggests that larger mechanoreceptors block pain signal from smaller nociceptive fibers at the substantia gelatinosa of the spinal cord to relieve pa...
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It is not easy to remember what is safe for pregnancy and lactating mother. I can certainly remember the common medication that I prescribe but I will usually need to refer back to MIMS when I am facing drugs that I am not familiar with. For lactating mother, it is also important to ask about the child's drug allergy and G6PD status since it may affect the child. I find that drowsy medication will usually reduce the amount of breast milk production too and will try to avoid it. ...
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When a patient comes in and she's pregnant or lactating, it is common for alarms to go off. A baby is involved, so we are always cautious. The worst for me is when a pregnant woman comes in with a painful tooth. We're both scared to risk an xray, but with lead aprons an infection is discovered. Sometimes you come face-to-face with the large abscess/fistula and you don't even need an xray to confirm that she either needs a tooth extraction or a root canal.

I have seen many p...
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