The elderly must eat well to prevent increased risk of Alzheimer's Disease

The elderly must eat well to prevent increased risk of Alzheimer's Disease

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Are your grandparents eating well? You should make sure they are, as malnourishment usually leads to weight loss, increasing the risk of Alzheimer's Disease.
5 Aug 2016 - General
Advanced aged groups are susceptible to malnutrition because of the age-related changes in body composition and energy stores. In particular, at around 40-50 years old, there is already a gradual decrease in fat free mass, which includes organ tissues, muscles, bone and skin. This is important because even a 10% loss of muscle tissue in adutls can cause significant impairment in immunity, thereby increasing the risk for infection and mortality. Malnutrition should be recognized early, even befor...
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Undernourishment among the elderly is quite commonly seen in today's society. This is partly because they are not well looked after by their children and relatives. Due to the busy lifestyle of people who are in a rat race chasing their goals, they fail to look after themselves, yet alone others who depend on them. Secondly, elderly people seem to be withdrawn from the society and do not pay much attention to their own needs. Perhaps they feel that their time is over and there's nothing ...
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More reasons to consider prescribing dietary supplement for the malnourised elderly or elderly with cachetic diseases with COPD. Part of my assessment of elderly will include fragility syndrome. As a clinical syndrome, frailty has been defined as a clinical syndrome in which three or more of the following criteria were present: unintentional weight loss (more than or equal to 5% of body weight in last year), self-reported exhaustion, weakness (decreased grip strength), slow walking speed, and lo...
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