Dental Floss?

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5 Aug 2016 - General

The Associated Press in US revealed this week that no study exists proving the effectiveness of regular flossing, which led the American Academy of Periodontology in US to acknowledge that most of the current evidence falls short because researchers have not been able to include enough participants or "examine gum health over a significant amount of time." Even the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services quietly dropped any mention of flossing without notice this year because of the lack of research on the benefits of flossing. I am not a dentist so I cannot give a good answer on this. However, there are pretty good evidence to suggest poor dental health increase risk of heart diseases. The question will be, does floss prevent peridontitis and promote good dental health at all. 

"Sugar is the nutrient that bacteria feeds on in order to multiply and cause bacteria throat infection." -- yes Mark Edmon Tan. Plaque accumulates daily, it calcifies, and when they form pockets within the gum tissues it becomes a perfect haven for bacteria to thrive--thus destroying tissues.

For flossing, it really depends on teeth quality and alignment. Some people are prone to getting food ...
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Thank you Maria Cristina Inserto for shedding light on the importance of flossing with brushing. I thought that flossing once daily was already a good dental hygiene practice. Sugar is the nutrient that bacteria feeds on in order to multiply and cause bacteria throat infection. I was surprised to learn that it is a main component of dental plaques. It was very clever of ...
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Flossing alone? Definitely not! One's truest and complete defense against gingivitis and periodontitis will require the combination of good oral hygiene (tooth brushing, flossing, mouth rinsing), diet and regular dental visits. Brushing, using small circular movements with the brush at a 45-degree angle from the surface of the teeth is best to remove adherent plaque. Flossing removes plaque that is stuck in between teeth. Now, whatever is left and you are unable to clean, dentists and hygien...
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I did see an ad lately about that flossing wasn't necessary but didn't click the link to read more about it. I am not a dentist as well but seeing as flossing removes plaque build up and takes out other debris like food from between your teeth it should be considered a good thing. From how I see it it's like saying you don't need to regularly brush your teeth. Ziwei Xie: "However, there are p...
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