Vegan vs Vegetarian - What's The Difference?

Vegan vs Vegetarian - What's The Difference?

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Vegan and vegetarian diets are both popular, but they differ in important ways. This article explains the differences between them.
6 Aug 2016 - General
Vegan and vegetarian diets has a very important dietary insufficiency consequence - the lack of heme iron consumption found in red/dark meat such as beef. This is a greatly written article with emphasis on nutrient supplementation. Taking ferrous sulfate is very important for vegans and vegetarians alike in order to prevent iron deficiency anemia. Theekshana Abayawickrama , meat is really a big part of our diet. I...
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Is anyone of you here on this community vegetarian or vegan. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do have many colleagues who are. And there's always one question that I ask them. Don't you feel like you're missing a big part of your life? I am probably wrong, but out of the things I enjoy the most in my life, food is one of the top few. I do feel for the millions of innocent animals who die to fulfill our desires. But on the other hand, aren't we also animals who are born to be omniv...
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Thanks for sharing this Indira Gayen. I definitely need a refresher on the differences between vegan and vegetarian diets. First time I have heard about pescartarians and flexitarians, the "part-timers". :) "both vegetarian and vegan diets can be considered appropriate for all stages of life, as long as the diet is planned well" - I definitely agree with this statement. A Vegetarian/Vegan diet...
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Many of us are still confused about vegan and vegetarian and most of us consider a vegan diet low in many nutrients, which is actually not true. The provided link presents the detailed idea about vegan and vegetarian diet with its benefits and deficiencies. Strict vegetarians, avoiding all kinds of animal products are called vegans. Vegans are not only limited to avoiding animal products in their diet, rather they do not use any product made from aminals or animal products. This is considered mo...
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