Gift of Appreciation

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6 Aug 2016 - General

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ap·pre·ci·a·tion (əˌprēSHēˈāSH(ə)n/)


noun: appreciation; plural noun: appreciations

  1. the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

  2. a full understanding of a situation.


In this article, I am referring to both definitions of apprecitation. All of us in the MIMS communtiy have been extremely privileged to pursue our dream as healthcare providers. We have different two, three, or four lettered words affixed (with some on the process of affixing) to our surnames. Let us take this day to recognize people who have helped us in our journey.  Say "thank you" to our significant other (wife, husband, life partner, boyfriend/girlfriend) who was always there to lend an ear and hand with no reservation. Kiss our parents who never left us throughout our journey with their unwavering mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial support. Give our siblings a hug for their priceless presence and willingness to being converted into human emotional sinks sometimes. Send a warm greeting to relatives who fully understood when we missed an occassion. Acknowledge our mentors who graciuosly shared both time and knowledge without a single word of complaint. Also, let us understand that our healthcare degree is not entirely our toil. It may have been us who studied and spent sleepless night but others also did their work to help. Professors spent a huge chunk of time preparing lectures to supplement our readings. Patients, especially service or charity patients, wholeheartedly gave their consent to give us invaluable experience during the learning years. Lastly, appreciate that society entrusted us to blossom into providing health service. Let's each set our own dates to return the favor by giving back to those in need.

Virgilio Montero , I agree. We have to stay true and accept that no man is island. Someone definitely helped us in every accomplishment, regardless of how big or small it is, that we made. It will also give a nice feeling to the recipient of your gratitude be it in the form of a pat on the back, a hug, a note, verbally, or even all of these. This little gesture goes a long way for you and the generous helper. Aft...
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Alan Rosmadi, I am glad you brought this up. This is precisely why I made this article. Sometimes we are so focused on what we do that we forget to appreciate the help of others, especially in the medical field. Showing that you appreciate help gets your pride out of the way. Failing to show appreciation to significant others will take a toll especially when a person passes away. People who cry the loudest in fun...
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I have this issue about appreciation. Why is it so hard to say thank you?? I mean in a family is very normal for us to appreciate each other by giving hugs and words of encouragement. I meant in public, at work, at the mall or even at the public toilet! Why is it so hard to say thanks. Of all the times i went to all these places, 2 out of 10 people say thanks after any form of initiation. I assume it is the ego in this generation of adults that is stuck in them, that can't say thanks!! It is...
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It's always important that we remember where we came from and where we started. Every time there is reason to delight what I have achieved (small or big), I take time to look back and remember first of all, my parents whose combined efforts made it possible for me to financially, emotionally and physically go through Dentistry School. My post-grad studies and my first practice, was funded by my parents as well, and that truly jump-started everything, so I really cannot stop thanking my pare...
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Going through medical school, and be successful surviving through post-graduate training process is never an easy process. Appreciation with what are achieving, having now, and also appreciation to everyone who help us either directly or indirectly throughout our long journey from medical school, through internship, and various training different process. We should be thankful to everyone, especially our family members, friends, lecturer/tutors/mentors, colleagues who do play their specific role...
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