Why female orgasm evolved!

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6 Aug 2016 - General

You know they the female orgasm during intercourse helps the chances of conception, but what if I was to tell you it may be a myth? Have a read of this interesting article my friends! Research from Mihaela Pavličev of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio and Günter Wagner of Yale University now propose that the female orgasm may have evolved as the ovulation-triggering event in these species, and it thus may serve no biological function in species like humans that release eggs without stimulation. As humans, females don't need an orgasm to stimulate ovulation as we ovulate simultaneously every month! The anatomical evolution of the positioning of the female clitoris and vagina was interesting too. Seems like handy info considering 35.6 percent of surveyed women reported not having an orgasm the last time they had sex!*W28Zplc5zn6_ZW2CG9f43n72Wg0/*W5Vxn1P50tTTkW3Rl4Zx2CNLyx0/5/f18dQhb0S83b9dK6ZqW80gXQ32qwv2LW1hc2CQ4c9wpQMf5h5vXD6prW39Dr-N8pCDJGVYFjbt7mNNH_W1nbcyQ4vgKM1W99c28t2xrlQ7W25NQf83Kt7ntW98kTDq17n9f0N8-0dTMv0dlVW1SdKQs8-X5nKN4jz21JKnnnSW9ggqPh557_TyW7spRcW30rM97W2KBRYB5nbq6BVGXpVf3_2sC3W4QrMnm2qYztnW2tc4nG4Jt2ZkW8GgxNZ7v4Fq0N20WYGb7LwKKW1L4xyj6FKg-TMh09gX656QcW2StQ5c6D8_x4W6d_0JD8sYd1BW809-l42Z605kW2_1rp53ZQ23FW8vr5Ss62nT42VXZDth11vf2gW3Wg0yw3mj1TZN3xcN6HHkpd7W3Wl_1M447mHYW3105_l2Z2QlXW8Jp9Yj8c7RvvW8BvBfF5s8bfCW5N5q6C104WvqW8vp78t15VnDdW3TnH5B8Ftq-hN8dK4_9MJh8fVDCW_S2280s0W27Z3Yk4M1133W4H_8ks2MqmGkW1wl9RJ7MyDxwV9G9Jw7zt9NbW31GHfx122bltW3nvJX-6bGNPjVblGFk4sDQxQW7J3KVB1nrLw7W3rrqlV4L1Mm7W4HzlZW2DwKXm111&source=gmail&ust=1470559221309000&usg=AFQjCNHDxQ5y7Sygsktng_7B8eZUSuCSgw

Curiosity did not kill the cat, it is not opening the topics with the "wait what?" type headings haha. Now for the you need an orgasm to become pregnant I know is a common myth. Though I do agree with Theekshana Abayawickrama how saying that it does not play a part in reproduction is doubtable. If the act was pleasurable it wouldn't be done often enough to procreate. "The anatomical evolution of...
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Fertility and ovulation has always been clear-cut for women. Most women will ovulate during the middle of their cycles. This is why coitus is encouraged on these fertile days to increase the chance of conception. Moreover, orgasm is irrelevant with capability to become pregnant. Even if a woman achieves orgasm in her non-fertile day, the chances of her being pregnant will be very slim. It is more of making the conjugal act pleasurable to encourage procreation. I think it has been confused by th...
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Very Interesting. So female orgasm plays no part in reproduction? I highly doubt it. Biologically speaking, there might not be a direct relationship between the orgasm and the release of ova. But say there was no orgasm in females. The intercourse will not be as pleasurable so females will not have much of a desire to be with a male partner. What will happen? less sex and less conceptions. “A shift in the position of the clitoris is correlated with the loss of intercourse-induced ovulation,” now...
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