Bring childhood memories back with this MS-DOS Games library

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7 Aug 2016 - General

I guess the majority of people here spent their childhood in the 80s and 90s. Do you remember how it felt when your parents bought your first computer? How you used to sneak into school with a floppy disk hidden in your textbook to get the cool game your friend had been playing. Things have come a long way from there, and now we're talking about augmented reality. But if you were given a dos computer with dangerous dave or super mario, would it fail to entertain you? Well here we have a library of MS DOS games that can be played on your browser. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :)

You bring me back such good memories that i used to have when i was a child. So much of fun having friends and relatives over at my house playing all these classic games and enjoying and laughing to it!
These games never ever ever would fail to entertain me ever! haha..
I am not a gamer now, not even during my late teenage years but this was the era when game consoles were the in thing and we were just a few naive kids trying to blend in and found our soft spots in games. But don't b...
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When I was young, I'd spend my summer vacations doing all kinds of classes and in camp (my dad was a military officer) there were computer classes. I took up MS DOS, Wordstar, Lotus, Dbase... until Windows came and by high school I was taking Windows, Excel etc. But it all began with MSDOS and green and black screens. I remember my floppy disk of DOS and I remember always putting viruses on my computer so we'd be in the shop almost every week because I keep on trying to do stuff--copying...
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Oh the memories. Before typing my comment I played a short round of Wolfenstein 3d. haha Good times indeed! I enjoyed playing Doom more than Wolfenstein though, but then again Doom is a more level up type game as in was on CD-ROM. From the list the games that popped out to me the most were Aladdin (man did my adrenaline pump with that one), Super Mario (of course), Sim City (been a loyal fan to the Sims ever since as I play Sims 4 now), and VGA Miner. For Pacman and Street Fighter I played this ...
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