Doctors: Are these important medical history books in your reading list?

Doctors: Are these important medical history books in your reading list?

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Too often the history of medicine is disregarded by its students, and often the subject is considered as only marginally beneficial to mastering the speciality. Nonetheless, the history of medicine is an important aspect of the foundation of medical education and should be treated seriously. In this article, we will look at three medical history books detailing great work by doctors from different places and times, and their contributions to medical care as we know of today.
8 Aug 2016 - General
Why are they important? They are important during their era and not now. The most important book that got me through medical school was my dad'd cheque book. The most important medical book in my life is by Rebecca Small ( Aesthetic ), Fitzpatrick (dermatology ) and Murtagh ( Genera practice ). Nowadays mostly read from journals. Just google and search and read. textbook is more helpful as a way to get a good introduction to the subject of interest. The last medical book I read was by Rebec...
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William Osler! I have heard about him in passing in class when I was a freshman as the father of modern medicine, but when I read further about him, it really seems that he made a great impact on the practice of medicine today. He was responsible for the medical residency program and clerkship which helped students to have more patient interaction to integrate what they learn to their patients. Wow. I can't imagine what it was like before that. I haven't read any medical history books (...
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A good knowledge of medical history provides important concepts for the future of medicine. Reading biographies are awe-inspiring as you can feel the tremendous passion of these great healers that helped the advancement of medicine. One biography of a great doctor that we should look out for is the one of Philippines's greatest pediatrician, Dr. Fe del Mundo. Dr. Fe del Mundo is the first woman to study at Harvard medical school at the time where women were not customarily accepted in the pr...
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"History is very important. It is said that if you don't know where you've come from, you will not know where you are going."--- From this saying streams to me a Filipino (Tagalog) saying "wag nating kalimutan kung saan tayo nanggaling" which roughly translates into English as "let us not forget where we came from". This article shows us history books written by great people in history who made a difference in the medical field. They are reminders on how med...
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