5 old drugs that are still gold

5 old drugs that are still gold

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Despite the rapidly advancing technology in drug discovery and pharmaceutical science, century-old medications are still used in the management of many diseases today. Here, we review the discovery of 5 classic drugs and their clinical values in modern medicine.
8 Aug 2016 - General
Gabapentin comes to my mind when thinking of a classical drug. This drug was originally marketed as an anti-convulsant forty years ago but was discovered to be more effective (and currently first-line treatment) for neuropathic and radicular pain. Gabapentin's maximum daily dose is 3600mg that provides more wiggle room for clinicians whenever low dose does not seem to provide relief. Monitoring of liver enzymes should be done to ensure patient safety. Its liver-safe counterpart pregabalin wi...
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Penicillin! How can we ever forget our beloved Alexander Fleming and his 'accidental' discovery penicillin. Close to a hundred years have passed, and hundreds of new more potent antibiotics have been developed, but still penicillin is one of the first line antibiotics used in a number of conditions. I can name a few more that I think will last for at least a couple more generations. 1) Paracetamol - The one drug that can safely be prescribed for all pains and aches. 2) Omeprazole - as lo...
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A classic drug that I would use and I think at the same time is here to stay are Statins. Though we are familiar with the amount of adverse effects it can cause like liver damage or myopathies the bottom line is the positive results Statins can produce still outweighs its possible adverse effects on the patient. We would just need to closely monitor our patient and keep them aware of the possible negative effects they should watch out for. I at the moment cannot think of a new drug in particular...
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