The SAID Priniciple

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8 Aug 2016 - General

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The SAID principle is an acronym for Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demand. This principle stresses the fact that the body's improvement depends on a person's training patterns. The general population often overlook this principle. For example, a person can expect improvement of the aerobic energy system, cardiovascular system, and lower extremity muscle endurance if he runs 30 minutes a day. However, muscle strength, capability to perform burst of speed activities, and upper extremity muscle endurance will have minimal to no improvement with this type of training. Another good example would be performing bench presses with heavy weights. This improves the ability to push heavy objects but will not improve pulling performance. Also, this type of movement does not train the lower extremity muscles. The SAID principle led to the birth of interval training. Interval training has become the rage right now becuase it focuses simultaneously on both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems and improving muscle strength and endurance. The smart way to take advantage of the SAID prinicple is to have goals when exercising. If you want to improve agility, agility exercises will help you achieve the goal instead of weight training. If muscle building of the legs is your goal, weightlifting will help you achieve the goal instead of running. Set a goal and achieve it with the appropriate training!