3 free pharmacy resources for herbal and complementary medicine

3 free pharmacy resources for herbal and complementary medicine

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Health consciousness is steadily increasing, and many now seek professional advice on health supplements. This trend has its fair share of controversies, largely due to clinical uncertainties of such alternative treatments. Thus, pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring only the best treatments are provided to the people.
9 Aug 2016 - General
As a Family Medicine physician, I am daily bombarded by questions about the effectiveness of certain herbal preparations like for example MX3 to which I have really no idea on how to answer them. The most that I can say is if they can eat the mangosteen fruit instead then it would be much better than taking the synthetic preparations. Most of my hypertensive and diabetic patients will swear to the “high heavens” that they feel much better after taking one, if not all, of its forms like capsules...
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Thank you for sharing this, Virgilio Montero. It will aid us in guiding patients when they ask about the herbal supplements they are taking. Patients usually open up about herbal supplements if they feel that doctors are receptive to supplementation. Unfortunately, we have limited data and information about health supplements as they are mostly not part of treatment guidelines. It is sad that some doctors try to ...
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These factors are considered an important role to our patient to easly know more about the medicine but as a patient they get the health information and services that they need and how well they understand them. It is also about using them to make good health decisions. We consider the differences that the patient have like knowledge of medical words and of how their healthcare system works. The skills as finding that information, communicating with the doctors or nurse or other medical staff, l...
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