A taste of your own medicine

A taste of your own medicine

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Doctors diagnose and offer prognosis to patients seeking medical advice. They not only prescribe medication but offer common advice, recommendations and suggestions on exercise, diet and living well by reducing their stress levels. However, doctors are not immune from ill health and can become patients themselves. Some members of the profession do not heed their own advice and fall into the same trap as members of the public.
9 Aug 2016 - General
Mark Edmon Tan: Exactly what I was thinking when I read the title to the article, "Doctors are the worst patients." Firstly, we should know better to get ourselves tested early, not to push our bodies (though it is not like we have a choice most of the time) and to take said medication which we don't always do. Then second and quite crucial is, as you said, we do not place ourselves in the sick role...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Doctors are the worst patients because they cannot help but take part in their own disease management. Our professors in medical school always stress that doctors should come in with the mindset of a patient during a consult or hospital admission. As expected, this is something most of us find very hard to do. We just have to know the result of every single laboratory procedure. I thin...
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Just like any profession, doctors have to start from the bottom. What makes it so tough for a physician is compared to other professions, the process is long and gruelling. We cannot blame ourselves for "overworking". In fact, it is what's expected in the culture of medicine. If you are not obsessive-compulsive, a workaholic, a perfectionist of some sort, then you won't thrive in the jungle of medicine, not even as a medical student. Having a balanced life is easier said than d...
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Well, doctors are humans too and aren’t excused from illness, especially since most are stressed from long work hours which may compromise the immune system. Additionally, stress may also lead to unhealthy habits like binge eating, but who can blame them anyways? :) The work is difficult enough. Though I am not a doctor, my mom is one, and I’ve seen her do her best to get to work even when she is sick. I always hear her say that doctors and other medical professionals are the hardest to treat. I...
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