Cyberchondria, social media cause ethics headache for doctors

Cyberchondria, social media cause ethics headache for doctors

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Cyberchondria – that is a condition where people look up health concerns online and then end up getting overly anxious over the results which usually indicates that they suffer from a deadly condition. With a glut of dubious material that is available online and in social media, patients are unable to differentiate between what is real and what is not.
9 Aug 2016 - General
Doctor Google! Usually you end up with cancer, or any life threatening disease. Those with a predisposition can develop Illness anxiety disorder and may need counselling. It is also quite hard to treat patients with fixed preconceived notions about their illnesses and careful approach should be done to help them feel that their feelings are validated, and that you are there to help them undergo proper test and determine what they really have. It may take a lot of effort to gain your patients tru...
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Marinelle Castro , you are very much on point. I have mentioned this in previous comment's sections that patients making diagnoses and treatment are on the rise and very alarming. First of all, symptoms vary with each patient who have the same disease. This alone may lead to wrong diagnosis. Number two, medical illnesses found in the internet often do not offer differential diagnoses. The internet will not ru...
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Finally, symptom googling has a name - cyberchondria. Of course it is natural to satisfy one's curiosity by enjoying the convenience of available information. However, patients should know that these should be interpreted with caution. No amount of online information will replace a doctor's medical degree. So it is wise to seek consultation by a certified health expert. I can liken self-diagnosis to a doctor who is trying to build a house just from googling. Its not only absurd, but it i...
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