Gallbladder removal tied to increased risk of peptic ulcers

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9 Aug 2016 - General

This is an interesting study. However, I think it will be best if the following factors were considered in the study: the type of surgery (laparoscopic vs open cholecystectomy), how soon diet was resumed, patient tolerance to the diet, presence of a prior peptic ulcer disease, previous history of H.pylori disease. If these factors were taken in to consideration, researchers investigate an association between the specific type of surgery, diet resumption, tolerance and the development of peptic ulcer disease. Then they can make recommendations, when and why PUD prophylaxis is indicated. For future investigations, aside from what I have already mentioned, H. pylori testing prior and after the surgery will add additional information to the development of PUD post cholecystectomy.

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Marinelle Castro , I agree with you. The study was lacking those variables. Duodenogastric relfux might be a plausible theory on the relationship between peptic ulcer disease and cholecystectomy; however, the investigators did not mention a previous history of ulcer. Also, there was no mention of what type of pain relievers they prescribed postoperatively. Non-selective NSAIDs use may contribute to bleeding ulcer...
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