Morbidly obese man halves weight after being forced to buy two plane seats

Morbidly obese man halves weight after being forced to buy two plane seats

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A morbidly obese man who was forced to buy two aeroplane seats has ditched his 15,000 calorie a day diet and now looks unrecognisable.
10 Aug 2016 - General
Obesity is on its rise now. with so much to indulge in nowadays, the tendency of us being obese is higher. This guy is an inspiration to us all. Ditching his 15000 calories diet is very hard for a person of that status. To be honest, we all love having nice delicious food and drinks, but we need to learn when to stop and when to reward yourselves with all the additional calories. I think having to be forced to buy 2 plane seats is ridiculous and an embarrassment towards the passenger. An airline...
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Buy two tickets? Seriously, does that even happen in airlines? And from the look of him in the photos, he doesn't look like a person who could not sit on one seat. It would be a bit difficult, but I really don't think there was a need of 2 seats. I have heard that at some place the luggage allowance has been proposed to be reduced if the passenger is overweight, but I don't think if that plan was ever implemented. That would be clear discrimination based on body type. Anyway, even th...
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Uhhggr! What an inspiration to everyone out there planning to loose weight but still couldn't discipline theirselves to stop eating. He might be humilated with the situation which pushed him to be desperately eager to have a proper diet for his age. Discipline is the key to success I guess. In everything that we do, without discipline and hard work nothing will change. Indeed this must be spoken to everyone for them to be inspired of this real life story. Congrats man! Unbelievably amazing! ...
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Stories like this are really encouraging to achieve optimal health and fitness. However, in the article, it says that he dropped his weight into half in just 10 months. From what I know, healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week, which means that is a maximum of 80 lbs in 10 months. I'm sure this man weighed over 300 lbs just based on his old picture. Accelerated weight loss is proven to be unhealthy with increased rates of relapse into obesity after a few months. Although I am not sure if thi...
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