Nursing malpractice causes death of elderly man in Hong Kong

Nursing malpractice causes death of elderly man in Hong Kong

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In a shocking instance of nursing malpractice, a nurse from Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong failed to follow standard procedures when removing a tube from an 83-year-old patient who was admitted after a heart attack. Tragically, he died after feeling unwell following the procedure.
10 Aug 2016 - General
Hahaha.. hilarious. How could a surgeon and his team forget about a sponge in a patient. Sorry if i am being rude but ignorance and negligence is what it is. That is why most of our medical school in South East Asia especially the good ones emphasizes on alertness and compliance to rule and regulations when it comes to handling medical cases to avoid case like this from happening. The were cases but it is at a very low rate. Medical staff should provide proper care and pay extra attention to det...
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Being sued for malpractice is everyone's nightmare. Simple errors can result to significant morbidity and even mortality. That's why it is important for hospitals to perform root-cause analysis and make better policies based on institutional data. Strict adherence to protocol should be doubly checked by administrators and supervisors to ensure delivery of safe and quality service. With regards to a biodegradable sponge, aside from what Jennifer mentioned, it can be perceived as a foreign...
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Eileen N so like a surgical sponge that would just dissolve in the cavity like the absorbable sutures such as chromic sutures? I think that might just be detrimental as this may cause an inflammatory reaction which leads to damaging the nearby organs. Unless they come up with something to bypass this effect I would stick to rigid sponge counting. So the new technology for sponge counting with bar codes, is there ...
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