PH Senator pushes for nurses’ pay hike

PH Senator pushes for nurses’ pay hike

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Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan re-files the Senate Bill 965 that aims to increase compensation for entry-level nurses, and to improve on their working conditions.
10 Aug 2016 - General
I agree with Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Nurses are always overlooked and looked down upon but a lot of other profession. Shall not disclose this. BUT also, a lot of companies are taking advantage of cutting cost for paying the nurses more in wage. Instead the budget goes to other staff who are just sitting in their office looking out their windows while the nurses slog in their respective departments. Even if a person...
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OMG! For the reason of no budget? Seriousy. Nurses are just one of the most overlooked profession not being well compensated for the work rendered. Can you just imagine there was a bill being filed to raise the salary to at least 25,000 and up to now it is not still implemented. What a shame! Other professions and projects has a large fraction of budget, why not give attention to the health sectors too? I hope that the new government should take into consideration the nursing field too. Aside fr...
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