Comparing PH Doctors salary with doctors in other countries

Comparing PH Doctors salary with doctors in other countries

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Let’s take a closer look at how Philippine doctor salaries fare against doctors from other Southeast Asian countries.
10 Aug 2016 - General
It might be bad compared to what the US and other nations pay their MDs - but then we have to consider the amount of either out-of-pocket or compulsory social health insurance (deducted from salaries and wages) that the coummunity pays. If your rent, light and water, even food, is subsidized by the government then $500 take-home pay may not look so bad. This used to be the situation in Cuba which had good health statistics - but I don't know if this will change. If you are able to provid...
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I remember I used to complain about med school to my friends and they would always say, "Okay lang yan, mayaman ka na naman agad pagkatapos." (That's alright, you'll get rich quick afterwards.)

They have no idea.
They have no idea that they'll accomplish more in their lives compared to me, a person who's spending all the years in her 20's in a hospital.

A consulting physician once said, "If you're in med school for the money, you shou...
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In the US but as a resident doctor, they get paid like peasants. The golden age of being a doctor when they were highly respected, easier money, and patients listening to us are over. I can't speak for Australia, but in the US, the health care system leaves much to be desired. Frustration is high and for many people it's not worth it. For many people, the money simply is not worth it. Do medicine because you can't do without it. Best policy to prevent being disenchanted with the curr...
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@[Juan Maria PAblo Nañagas](contact:5f39f652-e3a2-47cc-bf9b-88c6a3401e76~887815): Yes, cost of living is very important to consider too. A bigger salary does not necessarily mean one is earning more. Marinelle Castro : I was about to say the same too. Consultants will definitely earn more than resident physicians. In this article, we could not really compare compensations for the doctors since cost of living...
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In general, for any profession, salaries from a third world country will definitely be lower compared to others. The information presented in the article is interesting, however when comparing finances, it is important that professional categories should be within the same range in order to prevent misleading or confusing information. In this article, a Philippine resident physician dalary was compared to higher-ranking professionals within the medical field. Others were health officers, private...
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