Falling short: PH Nurses’ salary compared with nurses from other countries

Falling short: PH Nurses’ salary compared with nurses from other countries

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The salary of nurses in the Philippines falls short compared to the remuneration other countries pay for the same profession. Just how short do your salary fall? Check these out.
10 Aug 2016 - General
Alan Rosmadi Exactly. Nursing profession is more than such a great path to be taken by an individual. Better check if you're happy with the offers overseas before signing the contract guys. But face it, we will not have this kind of option in the Philippines that you can complain about the wages. Everywhere is paying a nurse that low! ...
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Most of the new graduate licensed nurses right now are working in hospitals for free not because they want to but because they don't have a choice.They are the volunteer nurses. They have the same responsibilities and risks as staff nurses. Not only don't they have salaries, some are being charged for fees for them to be able to train in these hospitals. phil. salary standards for nurses is low considering the cost of living and wages of other occupations in the country. on the flipside,...
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I think this is a vague comparison where nurses are a victims. I am sure this is an average calculation for the different countries. But what i see is that our nurses has spoil their own market by accepting a lesser wage just so that they can get a job overseas. It used to be more then these back in those days but it has dropped tremendously. I do not see a point now to work overseas on land when they are paying that low. Seriously money is never enough.

On my point of view, living ov...
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I think the conversion to peso to compare the salaries of Filipinos and other countries wouldn't do justice. I think they should've compared the living expenses in that certain country and how are the nurses' living condition given the amount of salary compared to ours. For instance, Filipino nurses earn 10-15k a month. This would only pay for a month's groceries, bills, food and transportation allowance, and if you can find a cheap place to stay, maybe it can pay the rent. But t...
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What a comparison! Sad to say that the cited minimum amount isn't even realistic! From 19+++, you serious that this amount even exist? Haha. Nurses work for free, face it. Just being used up for six months of contractual of six months of being a volunteer, then what's next? Goodbye, there you go again. Hospitals will just take advantage of the fresh graduate without experience, used them for manpower without even paying a cent. These poor young nurses tend to believe and sacrifice render...
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