IBM Lab on Chip Detects Cancer | EE Times

IBM Lab on Chip Detects Cancer | EE Times

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IBM Research has designed a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip that can separate biological particles down to sizes as small as 20-nanometers to screen for cancer markers so small that a tumor has not even started to grow.
11 Aug 2016 - General
This is very promising for the field of oncology. The machine aims to detect abnormalities at the subcellular level to prevent mutation into tumor cells. Think about that for a moment. This can be potentially used for screening procedures especially for people who have family history of any type of cancer. I wonder how the oncologists will react to this machine when it becomes available. How will they formulate cancer prophylaxis guidelines? This raises hope for our and the future generation'...
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A very interesting discovery and it really has the potential to be a groundbreaking invention in the future of cancer research. In the early days, identification of tumours meant looking at cells through a microscope to see cellular abnormalities. With the development of new Immunohistochemical methods, tumour identification was possible at a subcellular level where pathologists would use special staining techniques to detect tumour markers on cells. With this new technology, scientist are able ...
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