Three new Zika vaccines offer complete protection from virus in primates

Three new Zika vaccines offer complete protection from virus in primates

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With Zika now being transmitted by mosquitoes in the continental US , and Rio having too many issues to count , even on top of their months-long outbreak, it’s been a pretty scary time for those living in affected areas.
11 Aug 2016 - General
I agree with Mark. Although three vaccines are being developed simultaneously, the day that we see a commercially available vaccine against the zika virus infection could probably be few years away. Clinical trials take a very long time, and there are couple of phases that the drug / vaccine has to go through before it is approved and made available and the vaccines are not yet even in phase 1. At the same time, I believe equal emphasis should be made on caring for the newborns that are born wit...
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Hooray for science! I have been alarmed recently as Zika has already spread worldwide, even to 1st world countries. Once it becomes endemic in an area, it would be hard to eradicate it. It's a relief that vaccines are being developed. We don't want a world plagued with microcephaly and other congenital diseases. I hope once it is develops it would be affordable to the general public, as there is a great potential that once Zika reaches tropical countries (like most countries in SE Asia) ...
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The medical field's battle against Zika is gaining traction. We have to cross fingers that one of the three potential vaccines can achieve a medical breakthrough. I feel for the reported 1,700 babies who had to endure microcephaly at such an innocent age. The sad news though is that the development is still years away as Phase 1 trial has not begun. It took quite a few years for the dengue virus (another mosquito-borne virus) vaccine to be developed yet it is not available commercially. I am...
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Good news. There is a vaccination for the potentially lethal Zika virus in the far horizon. Not one, there are in fact three vaccines that are in development. These vaccines have not been tested on humans, but they have shown promising results and have been shown to fully protect non-human primates from Zika virus. Zika was first identified as a disease transmitted by mosquitos, but later it was shown that it can be transmitted sexually from infected an infected person to their partners, even wh...
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