Comic of the day (12 August 2016): Ambulance

Comic of the day (12 August 2016): Ambulance

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12 Aug 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto The comic is hilarious. It can happen here in the Philippines where the ambulance is forced to drive with quick lane changes. Drivers here are very inconsiderate for ambulances and they do not seem to know that we should always clear the center lane for the ambulance to pass through. On a deeper thought, that is very true. I also get this preferential treatment that I am expected to look aft...
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This comic made me laugh but as Maria Cristina Inserto, I agree that it happens in real life and we just have to inject humour in our day to day work life. However, unlike Maria, I am still being looked after by my husband when I get sick. I barely get sick so it is uncommon for me to be needy but just few weeks ago, I had a terrible virus and my cough is just non stop, I didn't expect for my husband to be so ...
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This is quite funny, but past the irony, I think this happens often in real life. In Grey's Anatomy I know I've seen several cases where the ambulance gets into an accident while transporting a patient. Anyway, let's not look at it literally, because what I'm seeing is a common scenario when finally WE ARE SICK (a healthcare practioner) and we're so used to being the one doing the caring, when it's our turn, no one seems to be around. I dunno maybe they think we have supe...
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