Busting 7 Filipino breastfeeding myths

Busting 7 Filipino breastfeeding myths

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In a perfect world, mothers must have no trouble practicing what is natural in motherhood, given that information about the benefits of breastfeeding are readily accessible. However, these myths can interrupt a mother from breastfeeding her child.
12 Aug 2016 - General
Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Congratulations on your first baby! Filipinos have so many traditions that were handed down for generations. The one breast is rice while the other is viand is hilarious although babies should feed for 15-20 minutes to ensure that they are adequately fed. Feeding soup to the lactating mother may be true to some extent. Breast milk production is dependent on the mother's nutrition a...
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This article is so relevant for me, as I am expecting my first baby in a few months and plan to breastfeed. Being Filipino, there are a lot of myths surrounding any or all kinds of practices, so this article is particularly helpful for a lot of mothers out there who hear family or friends advising them to do this or that, which actually may only be based on myths and are not scientifically founded. The saying that “Mothers should not breastfeed when they have colds and flu because that might get...
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