Weekend Case Discussion

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13 Aug 2016 - General

A young gentlmean, ex-smoker,  with background og known ulcerative colitis since 3 years ago, on inliximab insusion since 6 months ago, was admitted to hospital due to worsening bloody diarrhoea for the last 2 week, with the frequency up to 10-12 times per day, and nocturnal symtpoms. Patient also has intermittent abdominal pain, reduced in appetite, and weight loss.  Patient's last dose of infliximab was given around 3 weeks ago. Fllixi-sigmoidosocpy done showed moderate to severe colitis up to descending colon. PFA  doned showed no sign of toxic megacolon. Stool for culture and sensitivity, and C.Diff were negative. Slightly low HB, with high CRP. What is your impression and management plan for him?