Has the MIMS community website become slow to load lately?

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13 Aug 2016 - General

I'm just wondering if any of you are experiencing the same thing. The community website has become very slow to load. I checked with a timer, and it always takes 20+ seconds to open a post, go to home page, open a notification.. Basically for every page the loading time is ridiculously long. I use google chrome and I don't think it is due to my laptop or the internet connection, because all the other website, like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, ebay.. etc. load in less than 5 seconds. Loading the community on my android phone and desktop PC is also slow. Is it the same for you?

I also at first thought the problem was only for me. That's the reason that made me create this post too. I also tried using the site in incognito mode and on a couple of different browsers without any luck. I've got decent internet connection so a connection problem was very unlikely. Now that we know that there really is a problem ad everyone seems to be affected by it, would it be possible to pass this message through to the website developers. I have had a quick look around but coul...
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Yes it has slowed down. I did mention it when Jennifer pointed out that we had "updates" because it really looks better now, especially when the comment section was enlarged, and is now expanding as a matter of fact. But along with the upgrades, the community seems to have become slower. So don't think that it's your PC although my wifi (everyone's wifi in the Philippines actually) is really annoying and frustrating, I'm not sure what happened. It got even slower with t...
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Jennifer Winter 52 Seconds! Now that's a really long time. My situation is not that bad. I also agree with you all. A drop down box for the notification would be a great addition. The other thing that I badly feel the need of is the ability to open posts in new tabs. For example, when I check my notifications, I would like to open a certain post I'm tagged in in a new tab and keep the notification tab. No...
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