Joseph Schooling is Singapore's first Olympic champion

Joseph Schooling is Singapore's first Olympic champion

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The 21-year-old swimming star delivers Singapore's first-ever Olympic gold and sets a new Games record in the process.
13 Aug 2016 - General
I saw that photo too, it's so inspiring. To have a photo with your idol when you were young and years after, compete with the same athlete, and win. I'm sure that for Joseph, competing against Michael Phelps is already honor enough. He probably dreamt at one point to win against him, but never imagined it to be his reality--but it is now. This makes me happy for him and for Singapore (for the Olympic gold). It is well-deserved and ...
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This is very amazing win for Joseph Schooling. He broke his childhood hero's swimming record and beat him at the same time. This swimmer is going to be good in the next Olympics. Eileen N Speaking of underdog stories, Joseph Schooling did learn this from Michael Phelps. The 23-time gold medal winner went home without a single medal in his first Olympics participation. This probably pushed him to otherworldly ...
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I saw the inspiring story of this young man shared all over the social media. There is a photo of him taken with Michael Phelps at 2008 Olympics in Beijing. He was a young child back then and he had said how Phelps inspired him to start swimming. In 2012 Olympics in Lndon, he got the opportunity to swim with Phelps. He has been his role model since day 1 till he was able to outperform Michael Phelps in 2016 at Rio Olympics. After winning this match, he was congratulated by Phelps for his amazing...
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A million enormous congratulations for Singapore for the enormous success of winning first Olympic Gold medals in Rio De Janeiro. The 21-year-old Singaporean, Joseph Schooling, finished the race in 50.39s, nearly one second ahead of an extraordinary joint-silver finish of 51.14s shared by American great Michael Phelps, South Africa's Chad le Clos and Hungarian Laszlo Cseh. What a great achievement for Joseph, winning it by breaking the breaking the Olympic Games record of 50.58s, set by Phel...
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