When Patients Outsmart Doctors - Or Think They Do

When Patients Outsmart Doctors - Or Think They Do

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Dealing with patients can be an extremely delicate situation for doctors. Challenges come in many ways, but one particular situation that might be very tricky to handle is when patients THINK they outsmart their doctors.
13 Aug 2016 - General
Nowadays, with the advancement of information technology, widely availability of internet access, and smart phones, patients will have easy access to any kind of medical information either valid or invalid online. They can just Google it and lots of relevant or irrelevant, valid or invalid, information will appears. But, dealing with the patients equipped with some information prior to seeking a medical opinion should not be that difficulty. Our priority is to actively listen to their concern...
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The relationship between a doctor and a patient is important for therapeutic alliance. In my own practice, I provide evidence-based facts to make patients understand a disease. If the disease state requires a procedure, it is helpful to give verified statistics for morbidity, mortality and complication rates. This usually adds credibility that improves the therapeutic alliance. However, if I feel that despite my exhaustive efforts of explaining and the patient still insists on his own beliefs/ a...
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This is becoming more common since the advent of the internet. I always tell patients not to believe everything they read in the internet. It is very hard to verify if a source is credible or not in the social media. In my case, I always use the example that Jackie Chan has been "dead" incidence on Facebook. It has been reported on 4 different occasions that prompted the actor to take a picture with a newspaper to prove he is still alive. As mentioned in my comments on other posts, I r...
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