The rise of cupping: Olympians spotted with bruises on their bodies

The rise of cupping: Olympians spotted with bruises on their bodies

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While only grabbing headlines recently, cupping is not a new trend or fad in sports medicine and is something that is here to stay. In fact, cupping is one of the oldest natural healing therapies, dating back more than 2000 years and has been used in ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures.
15 Aug 2016 - General
Better this than steroids I say. I remember back in high school my Korean classmates would perform Ventusa on each other. They had their own special cups and one of them apparently knew the right placement of these cups. Back in undergrad we learned about alternative medicine therapies and I tried Ventusa on others. All you need is a short glass cup, a cotton ball, alcohol (not pure alcohol though, the regular rubbing alcohol) and a lighter. Place the cotton ball soaked in alcohol on the skin, l...
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In Manila, cupping is actually widely available. Most massage parlors and spas offer a massage called, "Ventosa". Its a form of massage therapy that incorporates placement of a glass on specified accupressure points on the back. This creates a vacuum pressure inside the glass and is essentially meant to release cold temperature/ "excess air" on the back muscles. Medically, this form of treatment really lacks evidence and scientific basis. However, as a person who has tried th...
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I tried dry cupping a couple of years ago out of curiosity. It was from a Chinese friend who was visiting the Philippines, but her technique was a little different. Instead of using heat, the cups had pumps on them which were used for the suctioning. I had the bruise for a couple of days, and it was pretty unsightly. I didn’t see any effects aside from the discomfort caused by the bruise, but maybe because I only tried it once. I also tried looking for scientific studies about suctioning, and th...
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I think I would. I wonder how much it is though, here in the Philippines, because I haven't really tried to inquire. As a dentist I always end the weeh with tired muscles---aching neck and back, so I often get a massage, if not at a spa as a home service. Always, the therapist would mention that my muscles are too tense and it's true. Sometimes I have a very busy week of long procedures on the dental chair and my body just reflects all the tireness. I think I'd like to check this out...
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