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15 Aug 2016 - General

An important disclaimer: I do not mean to offend any culture with this topic. 

Our society has always looked up literally and figuratively to taller individuals. Taller individuals, not by coincidence, have greater chances of landing high-paying jobs such as modeling and athletics. Hence, parents look for every possible way to augment their children's height. This magical growth pill search has led to the birth of growth balls. Growth balls as the name implies augments a child's growth spurt. The intake of growth balls varies. Some are mixed with soup. Others are taken as is.

Currently, there is no scientific evidence to support the claims of growth balls. The promises of growth balls sound too good to be true. Here are two common claims:

1.) It promotes vertical growth up to the age of 23 years old

My take on this is that it is impossible to promote growth once the epiphyseal plates close. These plates close at around 18 years with some lucky individuals (usually men at 21 years old).

2.) It will promote fast growth

If taken on the growth spurt years of adolescence, it will promote fast growth. It will be very hard to claim that growth balls was the only responsible factor for growth. In reality, growth relies on 3 important factors:

a.) genetics

Genetics is the non-modifiable factor of the three. If the parents are tall, the kid has a greater chance of growing tall. To estimate a child's potential height, multiply the child's height at 2 years old by 2. 

b.) quality sleep

Growth hormone is released during sleep. Its release peaks just before waking up. Uninterrupted sleep promotes sustained release of growth hormones. One good example of the importance of sleep is the stunted growth of child actors. Child stars usually grow short because they get inadequate sleep as a consequence of late night tapings.

c.) physical activity

Physical activity promotes extrinsic stress to the bones that is vital for bone growth. 

Personally, I have not taken growth balls because my grandmother did not allow me to take it since I was relatively tall (I stand 1.75m tall). My older brother took growth balls but he grew relatively shorter at 1.70m.

Does anyone in the MIMS community have a postive or negative feedback with growth balls?


Virgilio Montero Maria Cristina Inserto Yes, no approved therapeutic claims with very expensive price tags. I searched for growth balls online and the prices were ridiculous. I still believe that we can only supplement growth with adequate rest and physical activity. ...
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Well, those height enhancer supplements do advertise that they can cause increased height. But after the advertisement on radio, TV etc. We have seen "NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS." Which basically means, they will not yet pass from Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), they need to undergo appropriate tests on all products prior to the issuance of appropriate authorizations to ensure safety, efficacy, purity, and quality of the products. Before they claiming that these are effecti...
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