Legislator proposes financial perks for village health workers

Legislator proposes financial perks for village health workers

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Recognising the crucial role they play in the helping take care of the health of community residents, especially in remote towns, a legislator is proposing a measure that would grant additional incentives to barangay health workers (BHW). including a fixed monthly allowance.
16 Aug 2016 - General
I am not aware that barangay health workers are not getting paid. Is anyone here knowledgeable about this? That is quite unfair because the government is making them work without substantial renumeration. I think the bill should be passed, but I do not agree to the amount. That amount is too small to sustain a living - - - what more if these health workers have families? Volunteerism is good, but if these workers are doing these things regularly for the government, then they should get an approp...
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Let this bill be passed and soon to be approved! I salute those who are working in the community, travelling from a far and rendering services without being well compensated at all. Though the proposed budget isn't that much but better to have something than nothing at all. I have friends working in far flung areas including nurses and BHW's. They go into remote areas where technology and electricity is not even present. I hope just these individuals must visit regularly those who are in...
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