Superbugs: In overusing drugs to ward off bacteria, babies end up dying

Superbugs: In overusing drugs to ward off bacteria, babies end up dying

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The effects of overreliance on antibiotics are catching up, due to the growing resistance of harmful bacteria against them. It is predicted that such ‘superbugs’ will kill 10 million people a year by 2050, making them a bigger cause of death than cancer.
16 Aug 2016 - General
The evolution of "superbugs" actually coincides with the biologic theory of resurgence. This occurs when a living organism acquires a certain form of resistance because of repeated exposure to the same chemicals. This occurrence observed in bacteria parallels what we see in our homes - cockroaches and insects eventually become resistant to chemical pesticides. This is most especially true for bacteria since their life span is a lot shorter than more complex organisms. Rational use of a...
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Both poor antibiotic compliance and antibiotic abuse are health concerns in the Philippines. I have seen the videos that educate the general public on antibiotic drug resistance in drug stores. However, antibiotics are still easy to obtain without prescription. Jennifer Winter , that is the sad truth here because antibiotics are also exorbitantly priced, especially for the branded ones. Also, selling of medicati...
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Antibiotic abuse is common here too. I encounter a lot of patients who pop antibiotics like they're pain medications because of a recurring tooth infection. When they feel pain or discover there's abscess, they start taking antibiotics (like a few capsules) thinking that is the solution. It is actually good now that pharmacies are strict with dispensing antibiotics. Before they were OTC and so people can just buy without prescription, but I'm glad that things have changed here in the...
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Antibiotic resistance is a problem at large world wide but is a greater problem in third world and developing countries. It is not because being in such countries means you are full of diseases and need antibiotic treatment often, it is because compliance is bad because of not being able to afford the medications for the full course hence the antibiotic resistance. I know especially during some medical missions wherein the free pharmacy doesn't dispense the full week of antibiotics by only g...
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