5 peculiar drug effects that might astonish you

5 peculiar drug effects that might astonish you

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All drugs have side effects. While most side effects are highly predictable and manageable, there are some which stun patients with their uncommon side effects. How many of the following are you aware of as a pharmacist?
16 Aug 2016 - General
One of the most common pharmacologic side effect that I observe is green discoloration of urine after administration of propofol. When I was a medical student, this was not taught as a common side effect so I was very surprised when I first encountered this. I think the medication with the most unwanted side effects would be corticosteroids. I frequently use this is my practice to control post operative cerebral edema/spinal cord edema. With chronic use, patients eventually require moon facies, ...
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I have encountered a few patients who complained of change of urine color to orange with rifampicin. Reassurance that the change of body fluids is transient was all they needed to calm down. I have not seen the side effect of Indomethacin turning urine to green since it has long been withdrawn in the market for oral use. I prescribe and personally use Indomethacin 1% topical gel and haven't gotten any complaints of green urine with the gel form. Losing fingerprints can be devastating for can...
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