Bigorexia disorder plagues one in 10 male gym-goers

Bigorexia disorder plagues one in 10 male gym-goers

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Dylan used to hate mirrors as the mere sight of his 'scrawny' physique could cause him an emotional breakdown. Although he was already carrying well over 90 kilograms of massive muscle and had three gym memberships, it did not matter to him. He had spent most of his salary on muscle building supplements and no matter how much muscle he has already packed on, he was still convinced that he was too skinny.
16 Aug 2016 - General
Hi, gyming is hobby for me. Working out is a lifestyle. I do see people with these signs and symptoms but it did not bother me until i read this article. I did not know that ALL my friends are Bigorexic. And best part is all are male! Gosh. Anyway, it is kind off a ridiculous thing to keep on saying that you are fat when you actually look like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. I would agree that these kind of people are insane. But in body building there are many people with different goals of how t...
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I have been taught of Body Dysmorphic Disorder while I was a student in psychiatry as a medical student. But the discussions were all on people who think they are too fat, so they keep on trying to loose weight taking even extreme measures to look skinny. I was not completely aware of this muscle body disorder or bigorexia to be such a common problem in the society. I also have friends who are not satisfied of there body image even though they look pretty handsome and well built, so they hit the...
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Rooy Liew When you hit the gym, you will see regulars who spend around 3 hours a day to workout. Spotting those with body dysmorphic disorder is relatively easy as these people eat, live, and breathe their workout regimen. Often people who have body dismorphic disorder also have anxiety and low self-esteem. They try to project a tough exterior as a result.The bad part about bigorexia is that it can lead to injury...
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