Tips on time management

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17 Aug 2016 - General

We are all busy people. So here are a few tips.

Create a daily plan

Plan your day ahead. Do it in the morning or even better, the night before you sleep. The plan gives you a good overview of how the day will pan out. That way, you don’t get caught off guard. Your job for the day is to stick to the plan as best as possible.

Know your deadlines

When do you need to finish your tasks? Mark the deadlines out clearly in your calendar and organizer so you know when you need to finish them.

Use an organizer

The organizer helps you to be on top of everything in your life. It’s your central tool to organize information, to-do lists, projects, and other miscellaneous items.


Are you multi-tasking so much that you’re just not getting anything done? If so, focus on just one key task at one time. Close off all the applications you aren’t using. Close off the tabs in your browser that are taking away your attention. Focus solely on what you’re doing. You’ll be more efficient that way.


Since you can’t do everything, learn to prioritize the important and let go of the rest.

Eliminate your time wasters

What takes your time away your work? Facebook? Twitter? Email checking? Stop checking them so often. One thing you can do is make it hard to check them.

Peg a time limit to each task

Be clear that you need to finish a task by 10am, another task by 3pm, and the other item by 5:30pm. This prevents your work from dragging on and eating into time reserved for other activities.

" The trouble is, you think you have time" (taken from Jack Kornfield's Buddha's Little Instruction Book (1994). It is just innate for humans to procrastinate. We think we have time to spare all the time but reality is we don't have "free" time. If you are doing nothing at the moment, you can find something worthwhile to do for that moment. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips ...
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Yes time management is really all about planning. You may have a lot on your plate, but if you take time to plot everything so you can give it time, you can accomplish it. I always plot things on my calendar (big events or small ones)--and if it coincides with my work hours, I carbon copy it with my assistant who will make sure to block my day as well. What is hard also is when I make personal plans and fail to tell my assistant, so it conflicts with my work. And then I also have alarms. If ther...
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Time management is key for a doctor, or any healthcare professional for that matter. We are having a very busy life with so many tasks to fulfill. There's work and we have to care for patients. And there's family and friends. We need to spend enough time with them. And then there are our personal matters to attend to. Balancing all these things in life is a challange. I personally have a general long term plan for the major tasks I have to attend to, and everyday when I get up from bed, ...
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I used to travel a lot for work. So i am used to being organized and settling things timely. It is a habit i cultivated overtime. After doing the same thing over and over again. It makes you more confident to do things and a good way to impress your bosses. I usually make full use of my free time and take 1 hour from my free time to clear emails. What you need to know is just to be motivated in what you do and do your best. Always justify your priorities. Do not allow distractions to take over ...
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