Demystifying medical physics: Reading radiations

Demystifying medical physics: Reading radiations

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There are many subfields under the broad umbrella of medical physics which can be directly applied in a hospital setting. Congruent with its focus, these subfields capitalize on radiation and use it to deliver a diagnosis or treat a disease.
17 Aug 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro This field piques my curiosity. It is not surprising to know that UP and UST are the only ones that offer the post-graduate course since these institutions are always focused with research and medical advancement in the Philippines. I wonder which hospitals have hired medical physicists. Those hospitals are commendable for keeping the patient's safety regarding exposure to radiation. Medical ...
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This is a very interesting field. In fact during my pre-medical studies, this is one of the courses that I considered when I was an applicant. I think right now there are two institutes in the Philippines that offers this course. I have frequent interactions with medical physicists because they are the ones who compute how much radiation we can deliver per amount of tissue for certain treatments like stereotactic radiosurgery, conventional radiotherapy and the like. I'd like to think that th...
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