Here's how cupping therapy works, and why so many Olympians use it

Here's how cupping therapy works, and why so many Olympians use it

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You may have noticed a bunch of athletes at the Rio Olympics with large red circles all over their skin , including 19-time Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps and American swimmer Natalie Coughlin.
18 Aug 2016 - General
I think athletes are using cupping to facilitate recovery and relieve muscle soreness. Suction causes a very brief period of vasoconstriction followed by reflex vasodilation in the area to bring in more nutrients for recovery. However, peer-reviewed journals are very hard to find when it comes to cupping. From a psychological standpoint, athletes may get a placebo effect from the red skin marks. They have a visual feedback that serves as a reminder that they have fully recovered from fatigue or...
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Large red patches that look like burn marks on olympic athletes were a fairy common sight in the Rio Olympics. At first I was also confused by these marks, then it came into light that these marks are 'the result of cupping therapy, a technique using suction cups that has been practised throughout Asia for thousands of years' Here's an article that simply describes how this cupping therapy works. It is said that by creating a vacuum over the skin, the blood flow to the skin increases...
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