Here's how scientists are going to save the world from annihilation

Here's how scientists are going to save the world from annihilation

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It’s no secret that the planet is in serious trouble. By August 8 this year, we’d already used up an entire year’s worth of resources - leaving us in the planetary red five days earlier than we were last year.
20 Aug 2016 - General
What a very interesting article. I'm fascinated with "end of the world" movies because I am scared of what might happen if it will happen. Now I'm convinced it will really be something like Walking Dead that ends existence. Just kidding. I loved reading through the things that scientists do, especially the conversion of Carbon di Oxide to fuel, that is amazing and if all countries can have that it would really make a difference. Aside from cleaning the air, we get to produce re...
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It is a good thing that there are humans in this world that cares about the longevity of the planet. I feel that even with all these technologies coming up, all of us have a part to play. Such as the littering issues at sea and on land. We should all be considerate and do our part by throwing waste products into the designated bins and spots where it should be. What does it take for you to walk a few steps to the nearest bin to throw your waste? I am now in Jakarta, and the amount of pollution a...
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We are so busy and caught up with our lives that we often fail to notice that as we chase out dreams ourselves the planet earth is slowly dying. Having used a year's resources in 8 months, and knowing that the trend is only getting worse and we're depleting earth's resources much faster than we should is terrifying. But there's always a silver lining in the dark cloud. Scientists have not given up. Not just yet. These new inventions may not be able to reverse the damage that we a...
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