Night owl’s be warned: susceptibility to infection is dependent on the time of day

Night owl’s be warned: susceptibility to infection is dependent on the time of day

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The human body’s internal clock has been shown to play a bigger role in the spread of infection in our body than previously known. The new findings may awaken night-owls to the risk their bodies are exposed to.
21 Aug 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro I guess it is a valid point to say that susceptibility to infection may be influenced by many factors. Probably such other factors also have to be considered in later studies, so as to establish the real reasons why susceptibility increases at night. Maria Cristina Inserto It' s true that nowadays, night shift ...
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I think the susceptibility to infection may not be secondary to "time" or light exposure. In general, people who become more susceptible to infections are the ones with poor immunity because of a dysfunctional immune system. Until now, there is no scientific evidence which proves that the immune system is more functional at a certain time of the day. To explain the susceptibility of infection or chronic fatigue among night shift workers, this may be multifactorial. Poor adaptation to u...
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My sister works in European time as an investment banker and ever since she started she has gotten unhealthy. Eating habits got worse and she gets sick often too, so I believe this. We've been hoping she could get a day job, so she can be "normal" again and hopefully healthier too, but they keep promoting her and so it's hard for her to leave. Also, because of the time difference she really has very weird sleeping habits and has developed a high sedentary lifestyle. I am not a ...
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This study from the University of Cambridge probably explains why many of those working nights are more susceptible to infections. When we get infected at night, our immune systems don’t respond very efficiently, thus the easier it is for pathogens to worm their way into our systems and easily replicate. This also goes for those traveling during the night or simply staying up too late in places with a lot of people. Also, the article caught my attention when it mentioned that influenza vaccinati...
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