5 famous pharmacy stories that may surprise you

5 famous pharmacy stories that may surprise you

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Pharmacists are traditionally only associated with dispensary work in retail pharmacies, hospitals, hospices and clinics. A common stereotype of being a pharmacist is that of a regular, boring, uneventful, though stable job. To reverse this stereotype, MIMS looks at 5 famous pharmacy-related stories that will both surprise and delight you.
21 Aug 2016 - General
Tarah Cadiz Haha, the formulation for coca cola originally consisted of coca leaves and kola nuts, which did contain certain physiologically active components like cocaine, caffeine, and other similar compounds. A good-tasting cocktail for a drug addict, I think. Today however, the formulation would have to make do without cocaine anymore due to legal prohibitions :D Also, over the years, the formula has changed...
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I knew about Coca Cola for a long time but didn't really took the time to research it. If a friend of mine complains of a headache, I would sometimes suggest Coca Cola and say that drinking it will alleviate headache according to invention history, and I even drink it too if I have dysmenorrhea (I'm not sure about this bit but it works for me, has anyone tried this too?) And Lianne, any surprising stories? I don't know of any really, except for a Filipino celebrity who is a doctor to...
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I saw this and thought it would be interesting to share here! My students would always be surprised that Coca-cola was invented by a pharmacist, and then it would be ironic that it’s actually bad for your health (haha!). Oh, and the one about Agatha Christie surprised me most, I actually didn’t know that she was a pharmacist before reading this article. Remember the recent discussion about what would we be if we weren’t in the medical/health care field? Maybe this just goes to show that we shoul...
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