Weekend Case Study -210816 - 1

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21 Aug 2016 - General

An elderly gentleman, with background history of hypertension, previous ischeamic heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolaemia, ex-smoker, with a good baseline functionality, admitted through casualty due to few days history of abdominal pain, and bloody diarrhoea of up to 6-8 times per day. He did had a course of oral antibiotic 2 weeks before, which was given due to pneumonia. Patient also was found to have new onset of atrial fibrillation, with pulse rate ranging between 100-110, satisfactory blood pressure, apyrexia,  normal res[iratory rate and oxygen saturation. Examination showed slightly tender abdomn thoughout. Hb was slightly drop to around 9.8, and CRP was 61. What is your working diagnosis and possible differential diagnosis for this patient ? What will be your investigation strategy ??