Be loved at work by making others likeable

Be loved at work by making others likeable

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While it is important to have mutually supportive relationships at in any workplace, it is especially true in the highly intertwined relationships required between nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals in general.
21 Aug 2016 - General
I feel that interacting with people in a nice manner is always a good thing. I believe that what you give, you get back. If you know how to treat people right, they will treat you right for sure, except for the few that are just full of ego. haha.. Anyway, in order to be loved and likable to others, you need to know that you have to be very interactive and you must always show praise and always keep an open mind to changes and adapting to people. Making sure that you and your colleagues are happ...
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I am REALLY not a morning person. I struggle to engage with anyone both private and professionally before “waking up” which is normally only around 09:30. This has really created huge obstacles for me in the workplace. I tend to not be very approachable in the morning and whoever has an encounter with me by than, have now distanced themselves from me. By the time I “wake-up” and is ready for interaction, it is usually already too late. I have tried so many times to put up a morning smile and be ...
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Yes, I agree that in a very busy work setting where everything seems to be urgent and rushed, we sometimes forget to treat others well. I think the tips in this article not only apply to the hospital or health care setting but to every work setting as well. You always get what you give, and if you respect others by showing it in the way you interact with them, it will always come back to you. So, be it asking for requests, following-up an order, or simply greeting them when you cross paths, resp...
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Sometimes the healthcare scene is so busy for us to notice how we behave around our colleagues. In my experience, positive feedbacks really does wonders for colleagues. It makes them feel valued and appreciated. Its not that we need validation all the time, but I think giving positive reinforcement inspires people to do their best. Being humble at all times will help a healthcare professional collaborate with various specialists in the field. Most of the time, I observed that there are colleague...
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