3 places which you can visit to learn about the human anatomy

3 places which you can visit to learn about the human anatomy

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Healthcare professionals may not necessarily be experts of the human anatomy, even as we work closely with patients daily. We usually specialize in an area, sometimes forgetting that the body is one whole complex system, or we see too much of the bigger picture that we overlook the important functions of one particular organ. Is there a better way to learn about the human anatomy, aside from textbooks and Google?
21 Aug 2016 - General
Thank you for sharing this article! This will serve as a great platform for pre-med students to learn more about the human anatomy and gauge their interest as well. I do know about the exhibition at Singapore Science Centre. Some tertiary institutions do in fact do sponsor their students to go for trips to the Science Centre, and I find this highly beneficial. I have been to Bangkok a couple of times but have not visited the Siriraj Museum personally. Would definitely pay a visit there next time...
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I did a brief search on google on these places out of curiosity, and there are images of the exhibits. Wow, they are simply amazing. I particularly love the specimens at “Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds – The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies”. The bodies are so well preserved that it is very hard to tell if they are natural human bodies. These link contains some of the images taken at Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds. Thought you guys would appreciate it as much as I did. In addition to h...
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Wow, i would really want to see some of these exhibit up close one day. I've been to Bangkok and Singapore, but wasn't aware that there were places like these to visit. Such museums would be a good place for those interested in taking up medicine or even just simply interested in the human anatomy. Maybe even a good place to bring curious teenagers and those deciding to pursue the medical field. The closest I’ve come is viewing the cadavers on exhibit at our university’s School of Medici...
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