Sugar has a stronger effect on our brains than we even realised, study finds

Sugar has a stronger effect on our brains than we even realised, study finds

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German scientists have discovered that our brains are actively taking in sugar from the blood stream, overturning the long-held assumption that this was a purely passive process.
21 Aug 2016 - General
It's literally will power. HOWEVER, the same can be said about any addiction. Sugar is highly addictive and causes actual chemical reactions in the body. To pretend you can "just eat less" is absurd, but fatties blaming it on things other than eating too much is equally absurd. If these brain cells are misinterpreting blood sugar and/or insulin levels in some people, and sending out incorrect hunger cues, that could explain why some people have such a had time ignoring their hunger...
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Marinelle Castro We can no longer give the excuse that our neurons need more food while studying haha. It is quite interesting to know that astrocytes, cells that contain foot processes and maintain the blood brain barrier, are responsible for active uptake of sugar in the brain. I have read before that GLUT-3 transporters are insulin-insensitive meaning they will bring glucose to the brain all the time regardles...
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Although I do not have access to the full text of the research study mentioned in this article, in theory their claim is likely plausible. All cells of the nervous system rely solely on glucose to run its internal machinery. This also includes astrocytes, which greatly outnumber neuronal cells by quantity and the space it occupies within the brain. I’ve read the abstract of the research paper and their claim is also dependent on intact insulin feedback system that influences hypothalamic-mediate...
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